Thursday, April 23, 2015

Color Blocking 101

Color-blocking has been used quite a lot lately on a great variety of collections, and although the white-on-white look is spring's favorite trend, the color block has maintained its popularity, and for many good reasons. 

Color blocking consists of wearing strategically-placed complimentary yet contrasting bold colors in a single outfit. However, and like any other trend, it has its rules that should be followed to really carry the look gracefully and fashionably.

First, know that not all colors fit well when matched. Think of color combinations that you find on opposite or adjacent sides on the color wheel. The most common combos are pink and red, orange and blue, pink and purple, and blue and red. Another point to take into consideration is making sure the colors are bright enough, since color-blocking with pastels isn't as eye-catching.

Monday, April 20, 2015

More Issues Than Vogue

Love to dress up but you're not sure how to style a graphic tee? We styled this super cool top with a neon skirt to give the simple black and white top some color. It's perfect for spring and summer and you will definitely be turning heads.

Other ways you can dress up a graphic tee is with a blazer or add a chunky statement necklace. How would you style your graphic tee? Let us know!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Favorite Summer Styles

Oh graphic tshirts. We all have them. Tshirts scrawled with the names of our favourite bands, cities we've visited, our school or university, sports teams, events that we took part in, funny slogans. Put graphics onto tanks and you get a cute way to stay cool all sumer long!

Today’s look is about one of my favorite staples, graphic tees and tanks. Graphic T-shirts are a versatile (and comfortable!) must for anyone’s closet and tanks are perfect for summer because it keeps you cool all season long. My favorites are crocheted tanks and graphic tanks.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rock the Jogger

Jogger pants aren't going anywhere, and why would they? Imagine wearing something that feel like sweatpants, without the goofy fit that most sweats have. Add that to the fact that they come in infinite colors and patterns, and you have a versatile pair of pants that you can flex around the year.

Loose-fit cothing is liberating. It's adaptable, transitional and engaging. It's a great time for women to move and create and do things! Style a simple or patterned jogger pants with a casual tee for the summer when chilling with friends and you will be the best dressed in the group!

Head to one of our three locations (Provo, Layton, Southtowne) and mention this blog post and get 10% OFF  a pair of joggers!





Monday, April 13, 2015

Shades of Pink

Pink is such a girly color and usually not your first choice of color when it comest to fashion. If you're iffy about wearing the color pink go for a top that has another color in it so the pink doesn't pop as much or go for a shade of pastel pink! But if you love wearing pink, go all out this summer with a hot pink top to stand out in the crowd!

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